Preference #36: You guys had sex, and he ended up hurting you ouchhhie(requested)

-Tiffany (:

Harry: It was the morning after and your thighs hurt! Your curly haired boyfriend turned over to smile at you but as soon as he realized you were in pain he freaked. “Aww does my boo have a boo boo?” Harry says while trying to put his arms around you. “Stop Harry it hurts” you say. He lifted up the covers and saw bruises on your thighs. “Oh shit! I’m sorry (Y/n) I didn’t mean to hurt you!” he says. “It’s fine Harry” you said. “Oh thank god so that means you will do it again with me?” he says hopefully.

Louis: “Hey beautiful..” your boyfriend Louis says as you guys woke up the next morning. You tried to smile at him and turn over to face him, but you were in pain. “What’s wrong love? Too tired from all the work last night? (;” he says, pushing himself up. “No Lou, it hurts.” you moan. “fuck! I did it to you didn’t I (Y/N)?? I am SOOOO sorry love” he says and kisses you on your forehead. He gets up immediately and makes French toast for breakfast and hot chocolate with lots of whip cream and sprinkles. He sits down next to you and you guys eat breakfast in bed together. He gets a little whip cream on his lip and you kiss it off for him, telling him he’s the best boyfriend in the world.

Niall: You woke up in your boyfriend Niall’s arms. “Nialler………..” you moan. “What’s wrong cupcake?” “I just ache a bit that’s all I’m fine” you say. Your boyfriend’s eyes got really big when he realized he hurt you! “I’m soooo sorry princess I PROMISE I’ll be  gentler next time okay my pretty chocolate cupcake?” He smoothes down your hair and gets out of bed. You just lay there as you hear banging in the kitchen. 5 minutes later, he comes back with a HUGE bowl of ice cream, with at least 12 scoops of chocolate ice cream in it with hot fudge. You laughed when he walked through the door holding it. “I’m sorry again (Y/N), but maybe you’ll feel better after eating this!! Ice cream for breakfast!” he says. “HAHA only if you share it with me (:” you say.

Zayn: “What the ….?” you said. You woke up in the morning to an empty spot on your bed, but you still heard Zayn snoring. “uhhh Zayn? where are you?” you said as you pushed yourself up. “ouch! Dammit Zayn…” you say as you sunk back under the covers. Your privates hurt after having sex for the first time with your boyfriend Zayn last night. Greattt. “ZAYN!!!!!!!! GET UP!” you shouted. He moaned from his spot on the floor but sat up. “Hey babe” he said while rubbing his eyes. He climbed back into the spot next to you and you told him what was wrong. “awww I’m sorry baby!” he said while massaging your back. You and Zayn stayed in bed all day together :)

Liam: “Ughhhh I don’t feel like moving Li-Li I hurt!” you complained as he came into the bedroom at noon. Liam ignored you as he lifted you up bridal style and carried you into the living room, where he set up popcorn, M&m’s, and 2 strawberry smoothies. He sat down with you in his arms. He fed you while you guys watched The Notebook! <3

Josh: You didn’t wanna get out of bed cause you kinda hurt from last night! But being the sweet and adorable boy Josh is, he set up a candlelit and rose petal bath for you! He picked you up and put you in the bathtub personally too! He climbed into the bathtub with you, and you guys just talked, nothing sexual cause he knew you didn’t feel too well. He also fed you Twizzlers!! He’s so cute!